Donating a used bike or bike parts is a great way to support the Bike Project!  Donated bikes contribute to the following programs:

  • Earn-a-Bike:  Bikes are refurbished by youth and adult volunteers as part of the process of earning a free bike.  Participants earn a bike and the knowledge needed to maintain their new bike
  • Refurbished bikes:  Volunteers interested in learning about bike repair and kids with a passion for mechanics help rebuild bikes to sharpen their mechanical intelligence.  Our quality used bikes are priced from $50-250 to provide affordable options to cyclists and to help fund our free programs.
  • Community partnerships:  We partner with schools and other community organizations to provide bikes to  refugees, homeless individuals and families, and youth.
  • Recycling:  Broken bikes and parts are donated to THOR, who uses the scrap metal to raise funds to maintain the mountain bike trails in eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Every bike and bike part can be used, the Bike Project accepts all bike donations during our open hours.